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China Hot selling R K S F Series Speed Reducers Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer Bevel Gearboxes manufacturer

Product Description

Model Number  F series Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducer Structure Type F FA FF FAF FAZ 
Assembly Method 1-6 Input power 0.18-200W
Enamelled Wire: 100% Copper Wire Reducer body Steel
Ratio 3.81-267.43 Brand FOX MOTOR

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, paper machine
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal or Vertical
US$ 99/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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spiral bevel gearbox

Lubrication Requirements for Maintaining Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Lubrication is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of spiral bevel gearboxes. Proper lubrication helps reduce friction, prevent wear, dissipate heat, and protect gear components from corrosion. Consider the following lubrication requirements:

  • Lubricant Selection: Choose a high-quality lubricant specifically formulated for gear applications. The lubricant should have the appropriate viscosity and additives to withstand the operating conditions and load demands of the gearbox.
  • Lubrication Interval: Establish a regular lubrication schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and the application’s operating conditions. Regular lubrication prevents inadequate lubrication and excessive wear.
  • Lubrication Method: Depending on the design of the gearbox, lubrication can be achieved through splash lubrication, oil bath lubrication, or forced lubrication systems. Ensure that lubricant is evenly distributed across gear surfaces.
  • Quantity: Use the correct amount of lubricant to ensure proper coverage and prevent overfilling, which can lead to excessive heat generation and foaming.
  • Temperature: Monitor the operating temperature of the gearbox. Lubricants can degrade at high temperatures, leading to reduced effectiveness. Ensure that the gearbox operates within the recommended temperature range.
  • Contamination Control: Keep the lubricant free from contaminants, such as dirt, debris, and water. Regularly check the gearbox’s breathers, filters, and seals to prevent contaminants from entering the system.
  • Oil Analysis: Perform regular oil analysis to monitor the condition of the lubricant and identify signs of wear or contamination. Oil analysis helps identify potential issues early and allows for timely corrective actions.
  • Re-lubrication After Maintenance: Whenever maintenance is performed on the gearbox, ensure that proper lubrication is applied before restarting the equipment. This prevents dry starts and ensures immediate lubrication to critical components.

Adhering to proper lubrication requirements and practices is essential for maximizing the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of spiral bevel gearboxes in industrial applications.

spiral bevel gearbox

Extending the Lifespan of Spiral Bevel Gearboxes through Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of spiral bevel gearboxes, the following maintenance practices are essential:

  • Regular Inspection: Conduct routine visual and functional inspections to identify wear, damage, or anomalies.
  • Lubrication: Maintain proper lubrication by using recommended oils or greases. Regularly check oil levels and quality.
  • Cleaning: Keep the gearbox clean and free from debris or contaminants that can accelerate wear.
  • Tightening and Alignment: Periodically check and tighten bolts, ensuring proper alignment and reducing vibration.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Monitor operating temperatures to prevent overheating, which can lead to premature wear.
  • Vibration Analysis: Implement vibration analysis to detect potential issues and abnormal wear patterns.
  • Seal Inspection: Inspect seals for leaks and damage, as proper sealing prevents contaminants from entering the gearbox.
  • Replacement of Worn Parts: Replace worn or damaged components promptly to prevent further deterioration.
  • Gear Tooth Inspection: Regularly assess gear tooth condition and contact patterns to detect wear and misalignment.
  • Professional Maintenance: Engage qualified technicians for more in-depth inspections, adjustments, and maintenance.

By adhering to these maintenance practices, operators can extend the lifespan of spiral bevel gearboxes, ensure optimal performance, and minimize the risk of unexpected failures.

spiral bevel gearbox

Advantages of Using Spiral Bevel Gearboxes in Industrial Applications

Spiral bevel gearboxes offer several advantages when used in industrial applications:

  • High Efficiency: Spiral bevel gearboxes have high efficiency due to the smooth and gradual meshing of their angled teeth. This reduces friction and power loss during gear operation.
  • Robust and Durable: The design of spiral bevel gears provides robustness and durability, allowing them to handle heavy loads and high torque without premature wear.
  • Compact Design: Spiral bevel gearboxes have a compact and space-saving design, making them suitable for applications with limited installation space.
  • Smooth Operation: The gradual tooth engagement of spiral bevel gears results in smoother and quieter operation compared to straight bevel gears, minimizing noise and vibration.
  • Direction Changes: Spiral bevel gearboxes are ideal for applications requiring changes in the direction of power transmission due to their intersecting shafts at right angles.
  • High Torque Transmission: The larger contact area of the spiral bevel gear teeth allows for efficient and reliable transmission of high torque, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Reliable Power Transmission: Spiral bevel gearboxes ensure accurate and consistent power transmission between intersecting shafts, reducing the risk of gear slippage or misalignment.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Spiral bevel gearboxes find use in a variety of industrial applications, including automotive, aerospace, mining, construction, and manufacturing.
  • Customization: Manufacturers can customize spiral bevel gearboxes to meet specific application requirements, such as gear ratios, input and output shaft sizes, and mounting options.

Overall, the advantages of spiral bevel gearboxes make them a preferred choice in industrial settings where efficient, reliable, and precise power transmission is essential.

China Hot selling R K S F Series Speed Reducers Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer Bevel Gearboxes   manufacturer China Hot selling R K S F Series Speed Reducers Spiral Bevel Gear Reducer Bevel Gearboxes   manufacturer
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China wholesaler Planetary Cast Iron Industrial Planetary Gear Reducers Planetary Gear Box planetary gearbox

Product Description

Planetary Series High Power Gear Box

Housing is made of cast iron,which improve its rigidity and anti-vibration.

Sun and plant gears are processed by cementite and hardening,gears are processes by grinding,which improve the efficiency and lifetime of the gearbox.

Input mode:coaxial input,helical gear input,bevel-helical gear input.

Output mode:internal involute spline,hollow shaft with shrink disk,external involute spline,solid shaft with flat key.

Mounting mode:Horizonal vertical,torque-arm.
P series sizes 9~34            transmission stage:2~3               ratio:25~4000
Ratio will be larger in combination with H,R,K series.

Company Introduction

Get the right gearbox for your equipment.

PTT knows gearbox. As the leading industry gearbox manufacturer, PSS offers the best power transmission solutions to perfectly meet your specific industry application. On gearbox, CZPT has a lot more to share.

We always satisfy all industries with our gearbox

PTT strives for 100% satisfaction from customers of all industries. We welcome challenges to offer tailored design or special solution to satisfy customers’ Special needs on applications. We like to make impossibility become possibility.

Key features

Turbine gearboxes and planetary gearboxes are our advantages. Most companies can only manufacture Helical Bevel gearboxes, and we have a strong design team that has now designed turbine gearboxes up to 70, 000 rpm.


PTT offers a vast diversity of gear reducer, geared motor and gearbox. No doubt you are able to find what you need with PTT.


PTT is a trustworthy manufacturer you can rely on, no matter in terms of quality, delivery, pricing, service, etc. It becomes our name tag during our history of servicing our customers.


PTT is able to manufacture 200, 000 sets of gear reducers yearly and keeps investing on development of new series product.

We have a large list of our satisfied clients

Among the large list of our satisfied clients, there are many trend-setting top brands in various industries.

Mian products

Helical Gear Units

Bevel-Helical Gear Units

ZYJ Series Gear Units

DY Series Gear Units

P Planetary Gear Units

MLX Series Mill Gear Units

High Speed Gear Units

Non-stand Gear Units

Q:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is within 10 days if the goods are in stock, for goods produced as per order, it is within 35 days after confirmation of order.

Q: How long should I wait for the feedback after I send the enquiry?
A: Normally within 12 hours.

Q: What information should I give you to confirm the product?
A: Model/Size, Transmission Ratio, Speed, Shaft directions & Order quantity etc.

Q: Hong long is your product warranty?
A: We offer 12 months warranty from departure date of the goods.

Q: What is your payment terms? T/T 100% in advance for amount less than USD10000.-, 30% T/T in advance , balance before shipment for amount above USD10000.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us below:

Send your Inquiry Details in the Below, click “Send” Now!

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery
Function: Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Layout: P


Customized Request


What Is a Gearbox?

A gearbox is the mechanical system of an automobile that allows a vehicle to change gear smoothly. This arrangement of gears is highly complex, which helps to provide a smooth gear change. In this article, we will explore some of the different types of gearboxes, including the Epicyclic gearbox, the Coaxial helical gearbox, and the Extruder helical gearing. These are three of the most common types of gearboxes used in automobiles.


Gearboxes help drivers choose the appropriate gear for the conditions. A lower gear produces the least speed, while a higher gear gives the maximum torque. The number of gears used in a gearbox varies to meet different demands on the road and load. Short gearing provides maximum torque, while tall gearing offers higher top speeds. These features combine to improve the driveability of a vehicle. But what is a gearbox?
The gearbox has a slew of components, including the bearings and seals. Among these components is the gearbox, which is subjected to wear and tear due to metal-to-metal contact. As a result, gearboxes require close monitoring. Various tests are used to assess the condition of gears, such as corrosion and wear. Proactive tests emphasize wear, contamination, and oil condition. However, there are also proactive tests, such as the ferrous density test and the AN test, which monitor additive depletion and abnormal wear.
The separating force is a key factor for the design of a gearbox. The primary radial measurement point should be oriented to monitor normal forces. The secondary measurement point should be located in the opposite direction of rotation from the primary radial measurement point. The separating force generated by a helical gear set is called tangential force. The primary and secondary radial measurement points should be positioned so as to provide information about both normal and tangential forces.
Manual gearboxes are often manual. The driver can control the synchromesh by using a selector rod. This rod moves the synchromesh to engage the gear. Reverse gears are not synchromesh because they are used only when the vehicle is at a standstill. In older cars, the first gear often lacked synchromesh due to cost or lack of torque. Drivers could still use first gear with a double-declutch.

Coaxial helical gearbox

The R series rigid tooth flank helical gearbox features high versatility and good combination. They have a wide range of motor power and allow for fine classification of transmission ratios. The R series gearbox has several advantages, including high efficiency, long service life, and low vibration. This series of gearbox can be combined with a wide range of reducers and variators. Its size and high performance makes it an ideal choice for applications that require maximum torque and load transfer.
The main feature of a helical gearbox is that it presents a fixed velocity ratio, even if the center gaps are not perfectly set. This is sometimes referred to as the fundamental rule of gearing. A helical gearbox is similar to paper spur gears in terms of radial pitch, since the shafts in the helical gearbox cross at an angle. The center gap of a helical gearbox is the same for both the left and right-handed counterparts.
The EP Series is another popular model of a Coaxial helical gearbox. This series has high torque and a maximum reduction ratio of 25.6:1. It is an ideal choice for the plastic industry, and CZPT offers an extensive range of models. Their center distance ranges from 112 mm to 450 mm. The EP Series has several models with different center distances. In addition to high torque and efficiency, this gearbox has low noise and vibration, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
Another type of Coaxial helical gearboxes is the planetary gearbox. They have a high efficiency and power density. Unlike coaxial helical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes have an axis on the same direction as the output shaft. They are easy to integrate into existing drive trains. In addition, they are compact and easy to integrate with existing drive trains. For servo applications, they are another great choice.

Epicyclic gearbox

An epicyclic gearbox is a type of automatic gearbox used to drive cars. Its primary advantage is its compact design, and it is more reliable and efficient than manual gearboxes. It is comprised of a sun gear and two planetary gears, encased in a ring gear called the Annulus. This system is useful for drivers who need to shift gears frequently, as they will become tired if the gears are suddenly changed.
An epicyclic gearbox consists of three different types of gears: ring gear, sun gear, and annular ring gear. The ring gear is the outermost gear and has angular-cut teeth on its inner surface. It is used in conjunction with planetary gears to provide high-speed ratios to vehicles. The sun gear also reverses the direction of the output shaft. This helps reduce transmission error.
An epicyclic gearbox uses multiple planets to transfer power between the planets. This type of gearbox is lightweight and features a high power density. This gearbox has several benefits over a standard single-stage parallel axis gearbox, including multiple load paths, unequal load sharing, and phased meshing. Furthermore, epicyclic gearboxes require more complex transmission error optimisation than their counterparts, including more than one stage.
The objective of epicyclic gearbox research is to provide the lowest transmission error possible. The process includes an initial design and detailed specification. The system is defined by its load spectrum and required ratio. Deflections of the elastic mesh are calculated to understand their strength and how much energy the system can handle. Finally, micro-geometric corrections minimize transmission error. These improvements are crucial to the overall efficiency of an epicyclic gearbox.

Extruder helical gearing

The helix in an extruder helical gearing is fixed at an angle, enabling more interaction with the shaft in the same direction as it moves. As a result, the shaft and the bearing are in constant contact for a long period of time. Typically, extruder helical gearing is used in applications where there is low excitement, such as steel, rolling mills, conveyors, and the oil industry. The bevel gear train also plays a role in these applications.
The CZPT AEX extruder drive gear is specifically developed for this specific application. The gears are compact and lightweight and offer exceptional power density and a long service life. These extruder gears are highly reliable, and they can be used in a wide range of applications, including rubber processing, food production, and recycling plants. CZPT offers both standard and custom gearing for your extruder.
Another advantage of helical gearing is its versatility. Since the helical gearing teeth are inclined at a specific angle, they can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a given application. These gears also have the advantage of eliminating noise and shock from straight teeth. Unlike other gearing types, they are able to achieve a wide range of loads, from small to large. These helical gears are very durable and are the best option for high-load applications.
In addition to this, asymmetric helical gears have increased flexibility, while asymmetrical helical gears have lower flexural stiffness. The ratio of teeth to the shaft has a positive effect on the strength of the gear. Furthermore, asymmetrical helical gears are easier to manufacture. But before you purchase your next extruder gear, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

1 speed gearbox

CZPT Group Components produces the one speed gearbox. It has the potential to make cars more efficient and environmentally friendly. The gear ratio of a car’s drivetrain is crucial for reaching maximum power and speed. Typically, a one-speed gearbox delivers a maximum of 200 hp. But the speed at which a car can reach this power must be high to get the full benefit from the electric motor. So, how can a one-speed gearbox improve the speed and torque of a car?
A one-speed gearbox is a mechanical device used to switch between second and third gears. It can include multiple gear sets, such as a shared middle gear for switching between second and third gears. It can also have an intermediate gear set that represents a switchable gear in both partial transmissions. The invention also includes a mechanism that makes it easier to change gears. The patent claims are detailed below. A typical one-speed gearbox may include two parts.
Generally, a one-speed gearbox will have up to seven forward gears, with each of these corresponding to a different speed. A one-speed gearbox can have five different gear sets and five different gear levels. It can have synchronized gear sets or last-shelf gear sets. In either case, the gears are arranged in a way that maximizes their efficiency. If the gears are placed on opposite sides of a car, the transmission may be a two-speed one.
CZPT Transmission specializes in the production of high-speed gearboxes. The company’s Milltronics HBM110XT gearbox machine is the perfect tool for this job. This machine has a large working table and a heavy-duty load capacity, making it a versatile option for many kinds of applications. There are also a wide variety of CZPT gearboxes for the automotive industry.

China wholesaler Planetary Cast Iron Industrial Planetary Gear Reducers Planetary Gear Box   planetary gearbox	China wholesaler Planetary Cast Iron Industrial Planetary Gear Reducers Planetary Gear Box   planetary gearbox
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China wholesaler zhaowei Manufacturers Small 1500rpm Speed Reducers metal Gear Box other AutoTransmission systems EPB gearbox gearbox design

Guarantee: other
Applicable Industries: Resorts, Garment Stores, Developing Materials Outlets, Production Plant, Equipment Repair Shops, Foods & Beverage Manufacturing facility, Farms, Restaurant, House Use, Retail, Food Store, Printing Retailers, Design works , Strength & Mining, Foods & Beverage Shops, Other, Promoting Firm
Fat (KG): .2
Personalized assistance: OEM, ODM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: personalized
Enter Velocity: 5-1500rpm (custom)
Output Pace: customized
Voltage: 12V
Gearbox Diameter: 32mm
No load recent: 270mA
Load Existing: 715mA
Rated Torque: 4,759gf.cm
Rated Torque of Equipment Box: sixty five,000g.cm
Immediate Torque of Equipment Box: 250,000gf.cm
Gear ratio: 94:1
Material of Equipment and Shaft: Metal powder metallurgy Gears & Steel Output Shaft
Certification: CE,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO13485,IATF16949
Packaging Details: Common packaging or according to client’s necessity.
Port: HangZhou

supply micro equipment gearbox motor drives method custom solutions.
dc gear motor(size)Rated Voltagepaceload existing
3.4mm 1.5-5V 3.5-300rpm100mA-220mA
4mm 2.4-300rpm 340mA
6mm 3 – 12VNo Load Speed: eleven-3824 rpm
Rated Load Pace: 10-3229 rpm
No Load Recent: 40 mA
Rated Load Present: a hundred mA
8mm fourteen – 3111 rpm Gear Levels: 1 – four
10mm 3-24 V No Load Speed: twenty-4318 rpm
Rated Load Pace: eighteen-3625 rpm
No-load Recent: sixty-80 mA
12mm 7 – 254 rpm Equipment Stages: 1 – 4
16mm No-load Velocity: 4-1,373 rpm
Rated Load Speed: 3-1,125 rpm
No-load Existing: eighty five-a hundred and ten mA
Rated Load Present: 130-one hundred fifty mA
20mm No-load Velocity: 7-1,636 rpm
Rated Load Speed: 7-1,420 rpm
No-load Present: 70-ninety mA
Rated Load Recent: one hundred twenty five-one hundred thirty mA
22mm No-load Speed: 6-1,886 rpm
Rated Load Velocity: 5-1,675 rpm
No-load Current: a hundred-120 mA
Rated Load Present: 295-300 mA
24mmNo-load Speed: 5-1,460 rpm
Rated Load Speed: 4-1,259 rpm
No-load Existing: 70-80 mA
Rated Load Existing: 215-220 mA
28mm 5 – 1658 rpm 300mA max
Equipment Phases: 1 – four
32mm 5 – 1348 rpm Equipment Levels: 1 – 4
38mm No-load Velocity: 3-1,386 rpm
Rated Load Velocity: 3-1,294 rpm
No-load Current: 315-335 mA
Rated Load Existing: 1,679-1,684 mA

The Different Types of Gearboxes

There are many different types of gearboxes. Some brands have more than one type. In this article, we’ll discuss the planetary gearbox, the worm reduction gearbox, the shaft mounted gearbox, and the one speed gearbox. This article will also help you determine which type of gearbox is best for your vehicle. And don’t worry if you don’t know the terminology yet. We’ll explain each type in detail so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Planetary gearbox

Planetary gears have many advantages. The multiple gears in a planetary gearbox mesh simultaneously during operation. As such, they provide high efficiency and transmit high transmittable torque. These gears are widely used in various industries and are resistant to high shock loads and demanding conditions. CZPT is one of the companies that offer planetary gearboxes. Its products do not require special tools for assembly, and its scalable design minimizes safety stock.
Among the numerous benefits of planetary gearing is its compactness and lightweight. As such, it is suitable for wide applications with space and weight constraints. However, to truly appreciate its benefits, it is necessary to understand its mechanisms. Here are some of the most common details about planetary gearing:
The planetary gearbox has two mounted gears: an input shaft and an output shaft. Each gear has multiple teeth that are attached to a carrier and rotate with the input shaft. The carrier is connected to the output shaft. A planetary gear is mounted on both gears via a carrier. The carrier rotates in order to drive the planetary gear. The sun gear is often the input gear. The other gear is called the outer gear.
Planetary gearboxes are highly customizable. The size, mounting, and housing options vary, as do the reduction ratios and input speeds. Different types can be manufactured for different applications and include options such as electrical or mechanical preload. The final design of a planetary gearbox can be highly customized, based on the specifications of the application. By combining engineering excellence and ongoing innovation, planetary gearboxes provide years of trouble-free operation.
A planetary gearbox can be either an electric motor or a manual one. The latter has more features than the former, and can be used in applications where space is an issue. The primary features of a planetary gearbox include its backlash, torque, and ratio. Secondary features include noise, corrosion resistance, and construction. A planetary gearbox is a highly versatile gearbox that can drive anything from simple machinery to advanced electrical systems.

Worm reduction gearbox

The global worm reduction gearbox market report compiles key insights from the industry to help you improve your business strategy. This report will help you create a comprehensive business document that will enhance your company’s competitive edge. To obtain this report, visit our website now! Read our latest report to find out what you can expect from the global worm reduction gearbox market. Alternatively, request a sample copy for more details. Here is a sneak peek of the report:
Worm gears are made with different thread counts and are usually not matched with the CZPT standard. In general, a single thread worm should be used with a single thread worm. Worm gears have either right or left threads, and their thread count will be different as well. This type of gear is used to reduce the speed of a rotating shaft. The speed reduction ratio will be about 50 percent if the worms have the same thread count as the CZPT gears.
The standard gear set transfers power at the peak load point of a tooth, called the pitchline. The worm gear moves slowly against the wheel’s metal surface. The worm gear is also more complex than the standard gear because the worm is sliding rather than rolling. Worm gears are hard to lubricate. Moreover, the sliding contact between the gear and worm increases the complexity of the gear set. They can be a great solution for applications where noise is a significant factor.
The axial pitch and circular pitch of the worm are equal. The ratio of these two indices determines the speed of transmission. For a worm reduction gearbox to work, the axial pitch and the circular pitch must match. The pitch angle of a worm can either be left-handed or right-handed. The lead of a worm is the distance one thread travels in one revolution. The lead angle is the angle tangent to the thread helix of the cylinder’s pitch. When a worm mesh is reversed, the majority of the mesh will be on the receding arc.
Worm gears generate more heat than their counterparts, so it is important to choose a worm reduction gearbox carefully. You will want to choose the material and amount of lubricating oil carefully. Worm gears are generally made of tin bronze. The paired worms are hardened to HRC45-55. In general, they are durable, lasting up to ten years. But they will wear out – and they wear out – so you may want to consider some other factors.

Shaft-mounted gearbox

Shaft-mounted gearboxes are designed for a variety of mining and quarry applications. Their high reliability and low maintenance make them an excellent choice in these types of applications. Shaft-mounted gearboxes also feature an optional backstop device that prevents the unit from rotating in one direction. This makes them an excellent choice for applications where alignment accuracy is an issue. Here are some of the benefits of using a shaft-mounted gearbox:
Shaft-mounted gearboxes are typically constructed of aluminium, and come in sizes ranging from 050 to 125. They feature a variety of reduction ratios and ensure optimum efficiency in all operating conditions. New S series sizes, 140 and 150, extend the application range of shaft-mounted gearmotors. They are both backed by a two-year warranty. For even greater peace of mind, Shaft-mounted gearboxes are available with a range of warranty options.
The most common applications for a Shaft-mounted gearbox include traction-driven applications where a low-speed shaft is required for operation. They also are suitable for applications without a foundation, where the motor is mounted next to the reducer. To prevent the gear drive from rotating, a torque arm is attached between the motor and the shaft. Small-sized shaft-mounted gear drives are usually made without motor mount kits, which can make them an excellent choice for conveying light loads.
Another important feature of a Shaft-mounted gearbox is its mounting position. The reduced motion through the drive is redirected through the shaft, creating additional forces. These additional forces can affect the performance of the gearbox, causing vibrations and noise. Consequently, it is important to replace worn or damaged belts on a regular basis. Further, shaft-mounted gearboxes can be affected by problems with other components and amplify vibrations.

1 speed gearbox

CZPT Group Components produces one speed gearboxes. These transmissions are produced in the CZPT Group’s Kassel plant. They are compact and robust, and are designed for easy integration. The Bosch Rexroth GD1 one-speed gearbox is easy to install horizontally or vertically. The Plug and Drive system integrates the gearbox with the existing cooling system. There are many other benefits to this gearbox.
With an ID.3 electric drive motor, the maximum torque is delivered at 16,000 rpm. This single-speed transmission offers high power density and excellent noise-reduction, making it ideal for electric vehicles. The e-drive motor is extremely quiet and requires precision manufacturing. The e-drive motor also enables a wide range of driving conditions. It can reverse when needed, and reaches its maximum speed at 16,000.
The single-speed gearbox is a standard feature on most electric vehicles. Some electric vehicles, such as the Porsche Taycan, will be equipped with a two-speed gearbox. This gearbox offers more top speed and range, but it is more complex than a standard single-speed gearbox. CZPT doesn’t need to add complexity to its electric vehicles. After all, a 355 horsepower family wagon is not likely to need a dual-speed gearbox.
In addition to simplifying the transmission, the patent claims also address improvements in structural design. Fig. 5 shows a schematic representation of a transmission 50′, wherein gear sets Z1 and Z4 are exchanged between partial transmissions. This switch matrix also reflects the synchronized gears and lastshelf gears. Hydraulically betatigte Lamellenkupplungen (HBA) also form a last-shelf gear.
Another advantage of the patent claim is that it offers numerous functional freedoms, which is especially valuable in the design of an automobile. One of the patent claims identifies a tosatzlicher middle gear that allows a driver to switch between second and third gears, with a single gearbox. In a conventional one-speed transmission, the tosatzlicher middle gear is attached to the second and first part gearbox. The latter has a second and third gear.

China wholesaler zhaowei Manufacturers Small 1500rpm Speed Reducers metal Gear Box other AutoTransmission systems EPB gearbox     gearbox design		China wholesaler zhaowei Manufacturers Small 1500rpm Speed Reducers metal Gear Box other AutoTransmission systems EPB gearbox     gearbox design
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in Al-Hudaydah Yemen sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Modular Construction and High Efficiency Helical Gear Reducers From China manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Al-Hudaydah Yemen  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Modular Construction and High Efficiency Helical Gear Reducers From China manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Far more importantly, we make unique areas in accordance to equipped drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. We are looking ahead to establishing effective enterprise interactions with new customers close to the entire world in the long term. Furthermore, all our generation procedures are in compliance with ISO9002 specifications. KPC Sequence helical EPTT is a new generation item which designed basing on the modular method, It can be connected respectively with motors these kinds of as IEC stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd motor, brake motor, explosion-evidence motor, frequency motor, servo motor and so on. it has 4 sorts(01-02-03-04),EPTT from .12kw to 4.0kw, ratio from 3.sixty six to fifty eight.09, Max torque from 120Nm to 500Nm.It can be link discretionary(foot or flange) and use multi-mounting positions accordingly. This solution is widely utilised in textile, foodstuff, EPTTrage,tobacco, EPT EPTT fields,etc.

Solution Qualities

  1. Modular building
  2. EPT effectiveness
  3. Exact grinding, low noise
  4. Compact structural style
  5. Univeral mounting
  6. Aluminium housing, ligEPTT in fat
  7. EPTTize and grinding hardened EPTs, sturdy
  8. Multi-construction, can be mixed in various types to meet different EPTT problem
  • Installation:
    2.Output Flange-mounted
    three.B14 Flange-mounted

    KPC..P(Foot-mounted): KPC01P,KPC02P,KPC03P,KPC04P
    KPCF..P(Output Flange-mounted): KPCF01P,KPCF02P,KPCF03P,KPCF04P

  • KPCZ..P(B14 Flange-mounted): KPCZ01P,KPCZ02P,KPCZ03P,KPCZ04P
KPC01.. n1=1400r/min 120Nm
n2 M2max Fr2 i Proportion 63B5 71B5/B14 80B5/B14 90B5/B14
[r/min] [Nm] [N]
26 one hundred twenty 2600 53.33 a hundred and sixty/three
31 a hundred and twenty 2600 forty five.89 413/nine
35 120 2600 forty.ten 3248/81
39 a hundred and twenty 2560 35.forty seven 532/fifteen
49 a hundred and twenty 2380 28.50 770/27
59 120 2230 23.fifty six 212/9
71 one hundred twenty 2100 19.eighty three 119/six
seventy eight 90 2030 17.86 1357/seventy six
96 one hundred twenty 1900 14.sixty two 658/forty five
one hundred and one 90 1860 13.80* sixty nine/five
118 120 1770 11.90 2464/207
143 one hundred twenty 1660 nine.eighty one 1148/117
153 eighty 1630 nine.seventeen 1219/133
181 80 1540 seven.seventy two 1173/152
246 70 1390 5.sixty nine 1081/a hundred ninety
302 70 1290 four.63 88/19
366 70 1210 three.eighty two 943/247
KPC02.. n1=1400r/min 200Nm
n2 M2max Fr2 i Proportion 63B5 71B5/B14 80B5/B14 90B5/B14
[r/min] [Nm] [N]
26 200 4500 fifty four.00* fifty four/1
thirty 200 4500 forty six.forty six* 3717/eighty
34 two hundred 4500 forty.60* 203/five
39 200 4270 35.91* 3591/one hundred
forty eight 200 3970 28.88* 231/eight
59 200 3730 23.eighty five* 477/twenty
70 200 3520 20.08* 3213/one hundred sixty
eighty two 140 3330 seventeen.10 3009/176
95 two hundred 3180 14.eighty one* 2961/two hundred
106 140 3060 thirteen.21 2907/220
116 200 2970 12.05 1386/a hundred and fifteen
141 200 2780 9.ninety three 2583/260
159 a hundred and twenty 2670 eight.seventy eight 2703/308
189 120 2520 seven.39 2601/352
257 a hundred 2280 five.forty five 2397/440
316 100 2120 4.forty three 102/23
383 eighty 1990 3.sixty six 2091/572
KPC03.. n1=1400r/min 300Nm
n2 M2max Fr2 i Proportion 71B5/B14 80B5/B14 90B5/B14 100B5/B14 112B5/B14
[r/min] [Nm] [N]
24 300 6000 fifty eight.09 639/eleven
28 three hundred 6000 50.02 2201/44
32 300 6000 forty three.75 4331/ninety nine
36 300 6000 38.seventy three 426/eleven
forty three hundred 5860 34.62 4189/121
49 three hundred 5480 28.thirty 4047/143
sixty four 280 5571 21.78 1917/88
81 280 4660 17.33 3621/209
ninety three 260 4440 fifteen.06 497/33
113 260 4160 twelve.37 1633/132
136 240 3910 10.28 3053/297
177 180 3590 7.ninety three 1269/160
222 a hundred and eighty 3320 6.31 2397/380
255 one hundred fifty 3170 5.48 329/60
311 150 2970 four.50 1081/240
374 150 2790 3.74 2571/540
KPC04.. n1=1400r/min 500Nm
n2 M2max Fr2 i Proportion 80B5/B14 90B5/B14 100B5/B14 112B5/B14
[r/min] [Nm] [N]
24 500 8000 fifty eight.09 639/11
28 five hundred 8000 50.02 2201/44
32 500 8000 43.seventy five 4331/ninety nine
36 five hundred 8000 38.seventy three 426/11
40 500 7950 34.62 4189/121
49 500 7430 28.30 4047/143
sixty four 480 6810 21.seventy eight 1917/88
81 480 6310 seventeen.33 3621/209
93 460 6571 15.06 497/33
113 460 5640 12.37 1633/132
136 440 5300 ten.28 3053/297
177 260 4860 7.ninety three 1269/a hundred and sixty
222 260 4510 6.31 2397/380
255 230 4300 five.48 329/sixty
311 230 4030 four.fifty 1081/240
374 200 3780 three.74 2571/540

  • Organization Short INTRODUCTION:
    We are a professional EPTT maker situated in EPTTizhou, EPTT province.
    Our major items is full assortment of RV571-150 worm EPTTs , also equipped hypoid helical EPTT, Computer units, UDL Variators and AC EPTs.
    EPT are extensively employed for applications these kinds of as: foodstuffs, EPT, EPTT, chemicals, pharmacy, plastics, paper-making, building EPTTry, metallurgic EPT, environmental safety engineering, and all varieties of automated strains, and assembly traces.
    With quick supply, excellent right after-product sales support, EPTd making faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ty, our goods promote effectively equally at house and abroad. We have exported our EPTTs to SouthEPT Asia, EPTern Europe and the Center EPT and so on.Our purpose is to deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. and innovate on the foundation of higher high quality, and EPT a excellent reputation for EPTTs.



  • FAQ:

  • one.Q:Can you make as for every consumer drawing?
    A: Yes, we offer you EPT service for buyers appropriately. We can use customer’s nameplate for EPTTes.
    two.Q:What is your phrases of payment ?
    A: 30% deposit prior to generation,balance T/T just before shipping.
    3.Q:Are you a investing company or manufacturer?
    A:We are a manufacurer with EPTd gear and skilled staff.
    four.Q:What is actually your creation capacity?
    A:8000-9000 PCS/Month
    4.Q:What is your MOQ?
    A: 1 pcs
    5.Q:Free of charge sample is obtainable or not?
    A:Indeed, we can source free sample if customer concur to pay out for the courier EPT
    6.Q:Do you have any certification?
    A:Sure, we have CE certificate and SGS certification report.
    Speak to details:
    Ms Lingel Pan

    For any concerns just feel free ton make contact with me. A lot of thanks for your variety consideration to our organization!

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EPG was awarded with “well-known item of Zhejiang Province” and “renowned brand name of Zhejiang Province”. a specialized supplier of a total variety of chains, sprockets, gears, equipment racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers. There is a technological heart of province amount, EPG academician working station, experiment station for EPG publish doctors, and countrywide 863 plan established up in EPG group. With these platforms and sturdy specialized capability, the far more than four hundred technicians have developed all assortment of special higher exact and high strength merchandise, conducted mildew applications for essential components in the car and national sector revitalizing software, resulting more than 5000 produced over, between which 33 items are autonomous patent technologies with four patent accredited . Planetary Cast Iron EPTT Planetary Gear EPTTs planetary EPTT box EPTT knowledge:
1. Ratio variety: 3.15-9000
two. Input EPTT: .twenty five-55KW
three. Allow torque rang: le 800000N. M
4. Output velocity: .425-445 r/min
5. Composition method: Chance of flange, foot, or shaft mounting solutions

Planetary Forged Iron EPTT Planetary Equipment EPTTs planetary EPTT box Characteristic:
1. Extensive and comprehensive selection of N series for EPTT apps
2. Reduced velocity shaft style: Cylindrical with key, splined, hollow with shrink disc or splined hollow shaft
three. Rigid and precise nodular forged iron casing
4. Lower sound operating, higher manufacturing good quality stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
5. High and reliable performance, load potential and minimal velocity shaft bearing

Ratio 3.15:1 to 9000:1
Reduction Phases up to 6 reduction phases in one particular EPTT
Nominal Output Torque up to 800,000N.m

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